Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I am so excited to have had the contents of my camera bag featured in Rangefinder Magazine in June.  Here is a little peek at it! I'm always so curious to know what tools different photographers have in their bag, so this was a really fun thing for me to participate in! Many thanks to David Carol for the feature! 


Tuesday, August 19, 2014


In a recent post I made some brilliant points on why you should print out your photos. For example should your hard drive fail you or should Instagram sadly go away one day, you'll still be able to see all those fun photos you've taken and shared and keep them for posterity in a physical form, off of your devices! That's exciting right? Just think about how joyful your grand kids will be to see all your Summer selfies. This post is intended to give you some ideas of how to get your photos off of your devices! 

Albums: Possibly the most traditional way of organizing printed photos and presenting them. I think it's fun to go through stacks of photos in a box, but the thought that goes into arranging photos in an album, to laying out a story is so priceless! I've purchased albums full of vintage photos in them and it's so fun to see what memories made the cut! There are a lot of album choices out there, especially at places like Jo-Anne's or Michael's. I like the screw mounted albums, because you can add pages to them. Impossible Project recently came out with one that is the perfect size for Polaroids. I am seriously going to buy 10 for all my archives. 

Books: If you don't have time to order prints and then arrange them onto a physical album don't fret! There are awesome services like Blurb and Artifact Uprising that allow you to create customized photo albums right on your phone! I've found that Artifact Uprising has a beautifully designed app and books but the paper quality seems to be on par with Blurb's so choose whichever one seems easiest for you to use. Both apps have options to make Instagram books or you can layout a book at home with the help of their layout tools. I have made several Instagram trip books that I adore! It's so different to flip through pages than to scroll on your phone. 

I hope these posts have inspired you to get into the tangible a little more and have physical copies of your photos! 


Saturday, August 16, 2014


The Impossible Project recently came out with a new line of accessories that I'm pretty excited about including this SX-70 lens and filter kit. The packaging is great. I really loved that they printed what each filter does on a microfiber cloth. So smart! The filters themselves seem well made and were fairly easy to mount on the camera. I shot a few photos just to test the lens and filters out to see how everything worked. I'm pleased with the results! I'm especially excited about the blue lens, which makes color photos taken in bright natural light a little less yellow and for the close up lens! 

You can see in the photos above that the close up lens allowed me to get fairly close. I had to push my subjects back a few inches to even be able to get the photo into focus with no lens on it at all. I'm excited about that extra reach, I'm always trying to get close to things! 

I don't usually use fish eye lenses very much but I'm excited about this one. I think it'll make hand held portraits a little easier and I like the challenge of using my SX-70 in a different, wider angled way since I tend to shoot pretty close up most of the time. 

I am also in love with these Moleskin journals (I have a very serious and kind of scary collection of journals). My obsession with the 6 photo per page album is d e e p. I have been looking for the perfect album for years and this is it! It holds 6 photos per page, I used both sides of each page. Since it's a screw mount album it expands nicely and doesn't bunch up anywhere. I am seriously ordering ten total as soon as I can! I'm so excited to finally have all my Polaroids in albums so I can flip through them! The boxes they are in just don't do them justice! 


Friday, August 15, 2014


I recently came across these photos that Christopher gave me a few years ago. They are dated between the early 1900's - the late 1930's. It's incredible that some of these photos are 100 years old and here they are, in my hands. Vintage treasures, the documentation of a special occasion, a memory and it is standing the test of time.

This made me wonder what is going to happen to our history, the preservation of our memories, in the digital age. I feel like no one I know has a pile of printed photos that they've recently taken. It seems like most people post their photos to Instagram or Facebook and forget they ever existed. I love that things like Instagram exist, it's such a neat way to share the way we see the world or our every day lives, but I worry about the preservation of these images and memories! What happens when Facebook and Instagram eventually fade out, remember Myspace and Friendster? How are we going to prove to our kids that we used to be hot if our photos are gone?

I back up my digital images onto several different hard drives but the only thing that eases my mind is having a physical copies of my photos. This is one reason that I shoot a lot of film and Polaroids, I like the physical aspect of that medium of photography.

I'm not here to make a case for film and say how it's better than digital because they each have their place and there are plenty of good arguments for both sides. All I'm trying to say is that we should all make more of an effort to print out our favorite images, so we have something to pass along to our children or look back on and remember our youth by!

Do you print your pictures? Why or why not? What are some of your favorite printing services?